ARR: Chimera Video & Guide (Relic Quest)

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Hey guys, Mrhappy here. This is just a short guide to the Chimera fight, a “new” step in the relic weapon quest in 2.0 :) Enjoy!


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  1. Have to say this is far from the easiest way to do this fight. We pulled it outside, stun/silenced the voices, kept our ranged at range all the time so didn’t lose dps time moving in and out. He went down really quickly that way. Plus if you tank him facing away from the cave against the wall opposite the slope the big ice field will miss any ranged at max distance up the slope if you do miss a stun on it. Seems the aoe on it is much greater in front and behind than to the sides, something you don’t notice if you only ever see it go off in the cave.

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