ARR: Sastasha Seagrout Dungeon Guide

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Hey guys, Mrhappy here. Just figured I’d slow it down and do a quick dungeon walkthrough for Sastasha Seagrout :)

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  1. I love LISTENING to your videos and streams but I am incapable of actually watching them. Your setup literally makes my brain hurt. Not a criticism, we’re all different and have different play styles, but damn, my focus is completely drawn to flashing button… I’m a streamline guy.

  2. Kinda hard to c the action with the UI on top of the character and im guessing that thaumaturge must be new to the game cause i dont get the point on spamming AOE on fights with enemies that have that much health, it makes the fights longer.

    • Makes the fight longer and your tank takes WAY more damage for longer. Guessing he’s just been farming fates…that’s all I see on those fates is aoe spam. Definitely annoying. I’d probably do a little less aoe enmity generation just so he’d die more for being ignorant. :P

  3. For the love of the Twelve, please fix the typo in this video title. It’s Sastasha Seagrot, not Seagrout. You’re not laying tile in your bathroom. :P

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