Eorzea Census And Patch 2.1: TGS Live Letter #1

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The Live Letter delivered at the Tokyo Game Show has concluded and in addition to some cool Eorzea Census numbers, additional details about patch 2.1 were teased to be show in detail tomorrow.

Yoshi-P dropped quite a few interesting tidbits on stage for a 45 minute Producer’s Live Letter at the Tokyo Game Show, but most of the really juicy items are being saved for tomorrow. Before taking the crowd through a slide show showing the Eorzea Census, Yoshi-P cast some light on a few smaller pieces of information that are on a lot of player’s minds:

  • Server transfers are coming in early October (gee, that time range sounds familiar…) and there will be some type of “special measures” in place temporarily when they launch to get players on the worlds they really wanted to be on
  • Square Enix is warning against large volumes of phishing emails
  • There are collaborations underway with Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy XI to bring some familiar faces to FATES in FFXIV and FFXIV faces to the other titles sometime later this year
  • Bomb Earrings have been added as prizes for the Titan Challenge since all worlds won the Cactaur earrings

The real focus of the presentation today though was the Eorzea Census and a detailed list of features coming in patch 2.1 (although some of the last few may come slightly after 2.1).

First, the “big deal” numbers for those wanting to know how “well” the game may be doing now that we’re almost a month after launch. Max concurrent users is still at the previously reported 344,000 but look at those other numbers!



From Early Access until today, FFXIV is averaging 617,000 daily unique logins and has over 1 million total unique logins. Certainly impressive numbers that set the bar pretty high for numbers that follow. These will be interesting to see each month or so to see where the “new game” wears off and where the normal game population ends up stabilizing at.

We were also treated to other charts that broke down the races and clans of FFXIV but they really can be summed up as:

  • Japanese servers have almost a 50/50 gender split while NA/EU servers seem to favor males by a 60% to 40% margin
  • Both datacenters had very similar race breakdowns with Hyurs taking 33% of the population on both datacenters and Miqo’te taking 33% and 34% on NA/EU and Japanese datacenters respectively.
  • Roegadyns are rare

Before Yoshi-P broke down the class balances (spoiler: there’s a lot of DPS and few tanks and healers), he reviewed the level distribution in two ways; counting Legacy players and discounting them.



Hey! Look at that! 15 is the new Sub Job! :) Seriously though the only thing that surprises me here is the number of level 50-s without counting Legacy players. I would have thought it would be higher than that by now.

Yoshi-P also broke down what role players are in when using the Duty Finder (again spoiler: there’s a LOT more DPS). Keep in mind that this is just a snapshot in time and “Other” means when they took the snapshot someone was in a gathering or crafting class while waiting for their queue to pop.



I found myself enjoying this breakdown a bit more:



Going into launch I think most of us expected the Immortal Flames to have a population advantage but it’s actually a LOT closer than I would have guessed it would be. However, I don’t like seeing my Maelstrom in 3rd…

Tomorrow’s presentation promises more footage and images but we were treated to a list of what players can expect for patch 2.1:

  • 1 New Dungeon (Pharos Sirius)
  • 2 Hard Modes for existing dungeons
  • Extreme modes for all three current primals
  • Hard mode King Moggle Mog
  • Crystal Tower raid
  • Player Housing
  • The Wolves Den (PvP)
  • Treasure Hunts (SWEET!)*
  • Hard Mode for a “Surprise” boss*
  • Beastmen Daily Quests*
  • Random Matchmaking (extra Tomestone rewards for random queues)*
  • And UI items such as item sort*

*Some of the last items may appear after 2.1 launch

All in all it was quite a busy 45 minute presentation and I can’t wait until tomorrow’s presentation which was teased to contain housing info and a demo as well as more information about The Crystal Tower and The Wolves Den. Until then, here’s to hoping my server scores some bomb earrings too!


  1. I’m surprised by the role distribution. It is pretty much 100% consistent the entire way through. The DPS deviation of 6% is most likely, 1/3 of arcanists becoming scholars. With 20/23/51, and with that information alone, you would expect DPS queues to be much shorter, seeing as there are 2 dps in a dungeon per tank/heals.

    Still having heard anything about the barbershop, and honestly that is what I’ve been looking forward to the most, I do want some HC/Semi-HC stuff, but life isn’t going to give me the time to consistently raid for a little while soon.

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