FFXIV Boss Guide: Garuda (Hard Mode)

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This fight is very difficult to PUG, it requires a lot of coordination throughout the whole group. It can become quit lengthy and confusing at times, so I will do my best to try and explain it for you.

I’ll capitalize directional terms for the sake of importance.

1st Phase:

The fight starts out very similar to the normal version of this primal. The main tank (I suggest paladin over warrior if you have the option) will tank her where she stands. She will teleport around the room at which point your raid needs to hide behind the corresponding rocks in the middle of the arena. After every time she teleports, she will then summon adds to kill the rocks. These must be DPS’d down as quickly as possible or you will probably wipe in the transition to phase 2.

She has a frontal cleave ability, so always tank her facing the wall.

Rock damage is extremely important in this phase. You party should be no where near the rocks while DPSing Garuda, because of her AoE wind attacks. Adds need to be taken care of quickly. The four rocks health are directly related to how much damage Garuda will do to your raid transitioning into phase 2 (the 5th teleport).

Teleport Locations:

1st Teleport : NORTH. This will be the same spot she starts out in.
2nd Teleport: MIDDLE of the stones.
3rd Teleport: EAST, your tank could then tank her here instead of moving back NORTH, which will probably save some damage on the stones themselves.
4th Teleport: MIDDLE, this will not do any damage to your raid, however it will summon the small feather adds.
5th Teleport: MIDDLE, this is the transition to phase 2.

2nd Phase:

This is the trickiest phase of the whole encounter. Once Garuda slices your raid into transition, the tank needs to immediately pull Garuda to the WEST side of the map, hugging the wall and tanking like normal.

Green circles that will spawn tornadoes will appear around the arena. If you get hit by these it does a very large amount of damage, and pushes you back. This could possibly push you into another tornado, causing a chain and killing you pretty much instantly. Avoid these at all cost.

Garudas Adds:

2 “mini” Garudas will spawn in this phase, one will have a red line being channeled to it, and another will have a green line. The off-tank (preferably the warrior if you have the option) will tank these either to the left, or right of your main tank. Make sure they are again facing the wall, because they have the same cleave attack as Garuda herself. Burn down the green add (she heals Garuda) and then the red as fast as possible.

Once her adds are dead, you need to rotate CLOCKWISE around the room. The green tornado/circles will start spawning in your path, so just keep moving. The raid needs to be right behind Garuda as close as possible at all times. While you are doing this, her little feather adds will be spawning, DPS need to kill these while keeping close to the rest of the group.

When you end up around the NORTH side, another transition will happen.

When the green circles disappear immediately head to the middle of the arena to minimize damage on the raid. 

3rd Phase:

Just like in the normal fight towards the end, the outside of the arena will now be covered by wind, while the inside is where you’ll be fighting Garuda. Her adds will spawn once again. Healing is very intense during this phase, so keep the AoE heals up as much as possible.

Have a ranged caster (SMN/BLM) use LB3 on both of the adds to kill them as quickly as possible.

After the adds are dead, she will then transition back into another phase 2. Take her NORTH this time however, and repeat the steps I’ve listed earlier.

She will continue to alternate between phase 2 and 3 until she dies. Good luck!

I will continue to update this as I find more tricks/easier strats to this fight.



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