FFXIV Dungeon Guide: Amdapor Keep

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*Level 50*

This could be considered a gear check.. if your DPS isn’t up to par please do your PUG a favor and gear up through Palace first.

Before 1st Boss:

It is possible to skip all the trash in this dungeon by running through all of them before each boss, and having the tank die near the boss room, and the rest of you stand in LoS of retreating mobs. However if your tank does not know what to do, I suggest just killing the mobs. The time of wipes/repairs will not be worth it.

Channeling Lunatic Follower:

When you pull these groups of adds, one will start casting “Void Call” this will always be the add with the staff. Focus ALL your DPS/interrupts on this add. If he finishes casting this, it summons a Soul Reaver, it hits like a truck and it’s just easier on everyone if you kill the summoner first.

Priest Summoner/Psycheflayer (1st Boss):

When you pull the Priest Summoner and get him to about 50% he will start summoning the boss.

After this happens, immediately finish off DPSing the Priest, and continue on the boss. Periodically he will start summoning stone adds, these again are to become a priority to kill. Watch out for frontal AoE’s from the first one, and heal through the group AoE that the marble one casts.

When Psycheflayer gets lower, he will then summon a HUGE rock elemental in the back. When this happens have your group run to the left of the room behind the big stone/pillar. If you stack up right against it, the big AoE that covers most of the room WILL NOT hit you. Don’t bother killing or tanking the big elemental, he has no aggro table. I will update this guide if this method ever gets hotfixed.

Continue alternating between killing adds/the boss until he dies.

Before 2nd Boss:

Vodoriga Sleepers:

These adds will pop up everytime you see a room with gargoyle statues in it, they’re just regular pulls after that.

Demon Wall (2nd Boss):

Oh boy.. this boss is really tricky. Hardest boss in this dungeon. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ADEQUATE DPS, you will not be able to kill this boss, and this is where your run will end. Plain and simple.

He has basically a time limit to die, if you do not kill him fast enough he will eventually push you into the wall behind you and your party will wipe.

He doesn’t do a whole lot of damage to your tank, but what you have to worry about is all the direct damage he does to all your party members. He randomly targets them, and hits them with spells, this is unavoidable.

From the start of the fight he will cast void zones on the ground. These alternate between spawning in the middle, and then on the sides. They cover the length of the platform, and if you get hit it will do direct damage and cast Slow (increases cool downs and decreases spell speed) on you. After he does this rotation twice, Demon Wall will cast “Repel”. This will push your group backwards, deal damage, and he will inch forward. If you are not facing him directly he will most likely knock you off the platform and you will die.

After he does this whole rotation twice again; he will spawn more void ooze behind you, this will cover about 1/4 of the platform and deals damage over time the longer you stand on it. Once he spawns this, 2 adds will pop up.

Now here’s where you have 2 options. These bees/wasps have A LOT of health.. so if the boss is anywhere close to dying, I suggest you burn him down. If he’s still at half, you need to kill these bees before you continue on the boss. They cast a red circle AoE around them, so definitely try to avoid that as well.

Anatoboga (Last Boss):

This is a cake walk, compared to the previous boss. The tank should try to tank him towards one of the gargoyle pillars in the back, I’ll explain why in a second.

He breathes a healing debuff/AoE damage in front of him periodically. Make sure this is dipelled. When he runs to the middle of the room, and starts casting “Imminent Catastrophe” a giant purple ball will appear above his head, RUN to one of the gargoyle pillars and hide behind it, or you’ll take massive AoE damage. If you are detected behind him, he will cast a very large ranged tail swipe, try to attack from the side if you are melee.

Every so often one of the gargoyle statues will explode, and a Vodoriga Sleeper will pop out, kill these fast and resume DPS on the boss.

After around 50% is taken off, he will start channeling a purple laser towards someone. This person needs to run away from the group until a purple orb spawns at his feet. Stay away from these because they emit AoE damage until they despawn.



  1. The bees actually do not have much hp. You can simply use any DPS LB to make it easier if you choose. It’s more hectic burning the boss if your DPS isn’t up to snuff.

  2. Some errors here. last boss:

    the orb in imminent catastrophe spawns in the middle, NOT over him. The adds also always spawn after a catastrophe cast and one statue will despawn, being the enrage timer for this boss (no statues – you die)
    Because the sequence in which the statues transform, the tank should pull the boss to the NORTHWEST statue, as this is the last one to be turned.

    • I’m actually not able to edit this post, and I posted this guide awhile ago. These got pulled from the XIV nation forums where I still update them constantly. But thanks for the feedback anyway.

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