FFXIV Dungeon Guide: The Aurum Vale

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*Level 47*

I’m very happy with how this dungeon works, especially the last boss. So enjoy!

Before 1st Boss:

The trash in here is pretty straightforward, scorpions are probably the hardest pulls just because of their damage.

Gold Bile:

These are the yellow pools that you will find throughout the entire dungeon. If you stand in them they will start ticking for a considerate amount of damage, so avoid them especially in the boss rooms.

Locksmith (1st Boss):

The fruits you see around the room are key in this fight. Each person should position themselves next to one of these, I suggest having the tank near the one next to the boss, and the healer on the one directly to your left when facing the room.

The boss will cast an AoE debuff throughout the fight that will tick for moderate damage the more stacks you get. When you hit 2 stacks of this, eat the fruit. It will respawn in time for you to pick it up again later. This is more of a healer check, so good luck.

Before 2nd Boss:

Morbal Fruits/Pods:

These can be DPSed down from afar before they finish casting. If they do finish casting however, they’ll become Morbal Seedlings which are like the trash pulls around them. Keep this in mind for the last boss fight.

Coincounter (2nd Boss):

This boss has quite a few abilities so I’ll probably come back and update this often with better information.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind NONE of his abilities show a red cone, line, or anything. So be weary of where hes facing/standing.

He has 2 melee abilities. One is called 100-Tonze Swipe, which is a frontal ability that will hit the tank for around half his health, avoid it by running backwards. The second one is 100-Tonze Swing, which is a small AoE around his body, again hits very hard so melee and the tank should both run out.

He has an aggro wipe, I’m not very familiar in what it’s called “Eye of the Beholder” or something of the like. He will erase his aggro table and cast purple electricty-ish abilities at the party, let the tank get back aggro after this happens.

The last ability is when he turns to a party member and casts an AoE beam towards them. Once again, there is no range indicator on this, so just move out of his field of vision.

Misei’s Mistress (Last Boss):

(Favorite boss so far!!)

The first phase of this encounter is very similar to the very first boss. The difference is, fruits do not spawn nearly as fast, and instead of a ticking DoT, it will be direct damage every time you gain a stack. So to counter this, instead of eating a fruit when you’re at 2 stacks, eat one at 3 or possibly even 4, depending on how your healer copes with this fight.

Second phase can be tricky depending on what kind of DPS you’ve got. The Morbol fruit/seedlings I mentioned early will now make an appearance, except now they will apply a stack of the debuff with their auto attacks. If you let too many of these pop, and stay alive.. they WILL eventually wipe your group, so the more AoE DPS you have the better.

It will go back and forth like this until you eventually down the boss!



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