FFXIV Dungeon Guide: Cutter’s Cry

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*Level 38*

Getting positive reviews on the guides, so I’ll keep writing them.

This one isn’t as technically bad as its predecessor Sunken Temple, however some fights are pretty healing intensive.

Before 1st Boss:

Earth Begins to Tremble:

When you begin the dungeon, little mini earthquakes/quicksand will start to pop up around and under your feet, do your healer a favor and move when you see them. It’s not a lot of damage but enough to be annoying if you eat too many. This continues throughout the 3 areas before the boss.

Kill All the Things!

In the first 2 chambers you have to kill all the monsters in order for a message to spawn : A chill runs up your spine. Once this message appears a few ant sentries will spawn, they’re all linked so pull them all and kill them to trigger :

Sand in the Chamber Begins to Shift:

This is what spawns the Shifting Sands, which are basically your teleportation methods around the instance.

There are 2 chambers that follow this pattern, then a boss path.

Myrmidon Princess (1st Boss):

This boss is a DPS check if nothing else.

Focus DPS on the boss until she gets to ~50%, she will then spawn little ants that your tank should pick up, quickly AoE them down and continue DPSing the boss.

The next spawn she calls will be a Myrmidon Marshal, and Guard. This is where a lot of groups wipe. The Myrmidon Marshal will cause a buff called “Regen” on the Princess, it has no timer, so while the Marshal is still alive the Princess will keep regening her health. Kill both of these adds as quickly as you can.

As far as I have seen, she will never summon another Marshal after the first, so just keep alternating between the spawned adds and the boss, and eventually she will die.

Before 2nd Boss:

There are another 2 chambers before the next boss. Nothing fancy and you don’t have to clear the rooms, however there are treasure coffers scattered about.

Giant Tunnel Worm (2nd Boss):

Healing intensive. Throughout the entire fight, he will be casting “Sludge” on random people. It does around 200 damage a tick, dispel it or heal through it.

He will burrow under the ground, when he does this, stick to the outside walls and keep moving. You will see sand shoot up in a line, avoid this.. and he will eventually pop back out of the ground and cause massive AoE damage around him when he does so.

He will follow this pattern about 2-3 times, after which he will then burrow back into the ground causing a huge whirlpool of sand, pulling everyone in and releasing them with more AoE damage. This is unavoidable.

Before Last Boss:

There is only one long tunnel before the last boss, certain geysers on the ground will act like the quicksand in the first two chambers. Some treasure coffers are scattered throughout here.

Chimera (3rd Boss):

On a completely unrelated note.. this is the coolest looking boss I’ve seen so far.

This is the simplest boss in the dungeon, in my opinion. He has 2 phases that he’ll alternate in between, and you’ll see a message pop up when he changes in between both. One is when hes eyes glow Violet. This will mean he will cast an AoE around the room, but it will not touch you if you stack on top of him. Second phase is when his eyes glow Blue. It’s the exact opposite of violet, so melee need to run away from the boss. He will only cast these spells ONCE per color change.

His dragon head will periodically cast a cone AoE, on his sides, melee should watch out for this.

Halfway through he will start focusing his eyes on one person. It seems as though it is the second person on his aggro table, so it will most likely always be the healer. This will spawn a purple ball that will follow you around. Trick is to stand still until it stops to cast the AoE, then move away from it before it hits you. This will NOT spawn a red ring around the ball, so run far enough that it will not hit you.

Simultaneously, he will then start throwing Frostbite around at your party members. This is a red ring AoE, that leaves behind frost on the floor which will inflict periodic damage while you’re standing in it.

Once you kill Chimera, the dungeon ends! Congrats ^^



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