FFXIV Dungeon Guide: The Stone Vigil Guide

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*Level 41*

About the same difficulty as Cutter’s, and Fus Ro Dah everywhere.

RULE OF THUMB: Always face everything in this dungeon AWAY from your party.

Before 1st Boss:

Dropping Dragons:

Periodically throughout this dungeon, dragons will drop from the sky and breathe fire on hallways you’re walking through, then fly off again. You can stand to the far side to avoid it, however it doesn’t do a lot of damage.

BUT.. if you are pulling trash, and you try to fight in the spot where the dragon lands.. it will keep coming down, and blasting your party. That’s a no no from a healers perspective, so pull trash away from the dropping point.

Dragon Aevis:

These are the patrolling dragons that you’ll find throughout the run. You will almost always be able to pull them separately from the rest of the normal trash.

These hit VERY hard, so try to pull them by themselves.

Chudo Yudo (1st Boss):

Very simple boss. As such with any dragon in any game, face them away from your party. He casts a flame breath, that will put a DoT called “Burn” on the members affected, it is dispelable, if you do get hit with it.

Every once and awhile he will start walking to one of the walls around the arena, and start breathing frost breath into a portion of the room. When he does this stand on the side of him/or the side he his not facing until he turns back onto your tank.

HINT: I find as a caster, it is almost impossible to get on his sides before he casts his breathe if you are standing in the middle of the room. So because of this, I will always position myself close to his backside during the entire fight.

At 50% he will start doing his breath twice in a row, it’s simple to avoid, just run through him when he turns around.

Before 2nd Boss:

Ice Crystals:

These will not show up until you’re close to them, and they will spawn 3 at a time.

One group will spawn in the hallway before the Right Brattice, there will be a Dragon patting here, don’t pull before you kill the crystals.

Koshchei (2nd Boss):

Once again, face him AWAY from the party. You will see 3 cannons behind the boss. When you pull, periodically a dragon will hover in front of one of these cannons. Have a DPS run to it, and use it, to blast the dragon away. Depending on how fast you do this, he may or may not cast his breath. It does unavoidable AoE damage to your entire party, just heal through it.

Tornadoes will spawn randomly throughout this fight, avoid them like the plague. They will do a considerable amount of damage upfront when run into, and apply “Windburn” to that player, this is dispelable.

Before Last Boss:

Too Many Dragons:

Immediately after the boss room, you will encounter a pull of 2 Dragon Aevis’, one pats into the room so wait for it to leave before pulling.

The very last pull before the boss has a group of 3 Dragon Aevis’, you have to pull them all and they cannot be cc’d.

If your tank is having trouble holding aggro during this dungeon, these pulls are a PAIN. They cannot be cc’d and if they’re running around noming on people you’re gonna have a bad time.

Ice Crystals:

One group will spawn in the first half of the hallway before the Security Command, another in the second half afterwards.

The Death Pull:

Right before the last trash pull of this area, there is a room to the left that contains 2 Dragon Aevis’, and 3 Ice Crystals all guarding a Treasure Coffer.

If you do not CC the Ice Crystals immediately, you’re probably going to wipe.

If you really want the chance for loot that badly, and you keep wiping on this pull.. just run into the room and grab the coffer before dying.

Isgebind (AKA: Fat. Ass. Dragon.) (Last Boss):

Face him away from your party (if you hadn’t figured that out already). In his ground phase, he will turn around and shoot out an ice ball, similar to the Chimera fight in Cutter’s, leaves the same frost on the ground afterwards, don’t stand in it. He will also cast an unavoidable AoE attack on the party, heal through it.

In his air phase, he will fly up and blast the room with a frost breath that covers ~1/2 of the room. Understandably, it hurts when you get hit.. so try to avoid it.

When he is near death, he will go into his air phase HOWEVER, he will now bombard the room with the ice balls he casts during ground phase, and then cast his breath on the room like normal. DO NOT get hit with these, if you do it will make it extremely hard to dodge the ice breath that follows, and you will most likely die.

Congrats on taking down the dragons!



  1. Do any of the chests in this place contain anything but white loot because that’s all I’ve gotten in 3 separate runs? I am just unlucky or is this the norm?

  2. I (tank) marked the 2 dragon aevis in the Death Pull section but the dps in my group overwrote my marks and marked the ice crystals. His reason was he didn’t care about the aevis. Can you guess what the outcome was?

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