FFXIV Lancer Class Breakdown

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Level A FFXIV Lancer Enough And You Could Get The “Jump” On Your Foes

Next up on our list of class breakdowns for the re-release of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) is the FFXIV Lancer class. This Disciple of War wields heavy polearms, spears, tridents, and halberds.

Let’s see how the FFXIV Lancer breaks down, but first (you guessed it!) some disclaimer action.

WRITER’S NOTE: The EXACT job requirements in A Realm Reborn still aren’t entirely clear and some of the information regarding job requirements is based around how the classes and jobs were linked in patch 1.21 of the original release. If new information becomes available soon I will of course come back and update the requirements. :) Let’s poke our nose into how the Lancer works!

The Lancers of ages gone by in Ala Mhigo have led to a dedicated tradition of those willing to take up the polearm. With a barrage of abilities focusing on quick melee damage, the FFXIV Lancer is better equipped to match the damage put out by archers and mages than they are to tank like their Gladiator brethren. While the FFXIV Lancer does wear heavy armor, their lower HP means they can’t mitigate the serious damage some tougher foes can dish out.

True, a Lancer could serve as a nice distraction when grouped with a squishy friend, but don’t expect them to be a main or off tank for those more intensive fights.

Instead, stack up the TP and unleash some serious damage without having to be stacked right on top of other melee classes. With a touch of extra reach FFXIV lancers can afford to put some space between them and their foes.

The FFXIV Lancer is used in two advanced jobs, one isn’t surprising at all but the second just might be a bit of a reach:

  • Dragoon – Requires Lancer to be level 30 and Pugilist to be level 15 (and this totally makes sense!)
  • Monk – Requires Pugilist to be level 30 and Lancer to be level 15 (this one not so much, I mean “kinda”, but not really)

Are you planning to roll up a FFXIV Lancer in the hopes of turning Dragoon and using the iconic “Jump” ability? Let us know below!



  1. I can’t wait to play this class so I can have a Lancer. Their armor just looks too cool and who could pass up the chance to have the Jump ability?

  2. Played lancer in 1.0, and I would love to see another jump ability added like the elusive jump and maybe some equipment that lowers the recast of that. It has had some really useful tactical advantages for me when it comes to distance between the enemy.

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