FFXIV Subscribers Surpass 600,000 Mark

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FFXIV subscribers numbers impress and are well above Yoshi-P’s required 400,000 target.

In their recent financial results briefing session, Square Enix presented data for a number of their current franchises. Of particular note, especially after yesterday’s report that financial reports for the company were being revised due to FFXIV‘s success, was the review of both FFXIV sales and FFXIV subscribers.

It seems FFXIV is performing way above expectations as software sales of the MMORPG hit the 1.1 million mark with another 350,000 sales coming by way of digital download. That’s a pretty impressive 1.45 million sales. Square Enix is also reporting that the number of paying users broke through the 600,000 barrier and is already surpassing the results from Final Fantasy XI’s peak (the “most profitable” Final Fantasy ever).

ffxiv subscribers

I am happy that the number is that high. Not only is that a full 200,000 higher than Yoshi-P previously stated as being the “success point” but it also happens to match the prediction I made on previous XIV Reborn episodes where I estimated the first subscriber report to be between 600,000 and 700,000 FFXIV subscribers.

What’s hard to work out here though is the retention rate. Not only do the sales of version 1.0 weigh into this, but numerous 1.0 players chose not to return and then another group of 1.0 players (like me) bought 2.0 copies as well for one reason or another so comparing subscribers to sheer box sales probably isn’t the best retention number out there. I guess we’ll just have to rely on Yoshi-P’s statements about FFXIV subscribers retention beating 35% by a wide margin.

Pretty impressive numbers! I hope the success continues and that it shows the Square Enix decision makers that sticking to Yoshi-P’s vision of frequent updates is going to be the way to go to make these numbers stick, hell, maybe even grow! The financial results briefing session even included plans to take FFXIV into China so growing may be what FFXIV does for quite some time.

Are you surprised by the FFXIV subscribers count?


    • Even more impressive that they match it in a F2P world now, when Rift hit those numbers back when subscription MMOs were the norm.

  1. That is really pleasing subscriber numbers to behold. I really hope XIV gets a long healthy life.
    I was expecting around 300.000 subs, so I am glad to see it was much higher. Hope as new content gets put into XIV, that the sub numbers will climb.

    SE REALLY deserves this imo. With all the money and effort poured into this relaunch :D

  2. Super pumped for this news, I had some friends just this week say they are jumping in, I think there were a lot players still waiting on the fence, and this shows a lot of promise. I know I’m subbed and loving it! :)

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