Ifrit-egi vs. Garuda-egi

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Hey guys, Mrhappy here. After some calculations and tests I have decided to make a follow up to my statement about Ifrit and Garuda in my Summoner Job overview. Here we will compare the maximum efficiency of the two egis to see which one is truly on top. Enjoy!

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  1. Pretty sure they gave all 3 pets a specific purpose… each one has it’s reasons for being used. All this did was confirm that they both do damage… but based on personal combat style and situation of what you’re doing one or the other will be better.

  2. ifrit noun ˈiˌfrēt, əˈf-

    Full Definition of IFRIT
    : afreet
    Origin of IFRIT
    Ar ʽifrīt — more at afreet

    You’re pronunciation is driving me nuts

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