Monetize Your Final Fantasy XIV Videos! Maybe…Ummmm…WTF?!

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Restrictions eased a bit on the content creators wishing to use FFXIV materials in their content.

Today Square Enix has put into effect a new FFXIV material usage policy that now allows content creators to use FFXIV footage on their monetized YouTube videos…well maybe. You see, I don’t know if someone forgot to make a final change to the policy or if it is meant to be self contradicting.

This new addition to the policy is certainly welcome news:

You may not use the Materials for any sales or commercial use, meaning you cannot receive license fees or advertising revenue, except as part of the partner programs operated by,,, or similar programs. If the operator of a partner program seeks to confirm our policy, please point them to this page as we do not have the resources to respond to all requests.”

This made quite a few content producers happy. What’s confusing though is that this sentence still appears later in the policy:

You may not monetize your video via the YouTube partner program or any similar programs on other video sharing sites.”

Was it just an oversight on the editor’s part? We’ll keep you posted, but until then here’s the entire new FFXIV material usage policy that takes effect today.

UPDATE: According to the official forums the second line pointed out here is confirmed as a typo and will be updated soon. Monetization is allowed. (Thanks gefr71!)

UPDATE 2: Revised version of the materials usage agreement is now available and does NOT include the second stipulation pointed out above anymore.


  1. Is “monetizing” through the “YouTube partnership program” different from another way to monetize on YouTube?

    What I saw on a quick search makes it sound the partnership program runs the ads before your videos, but this is not something I use so I can’t be sure.

  2. …..I will just read this as “Sorry we don’t know what we should do but please don’t be mad”.
    If I am the person who is responsible for handling situation like this,
    I wouldn’t send any notice until I figure out what the solution is.

  3. The way I read it is you can make your own content and monetize it through the YouTube partner program. You can’t use one of their videos to make a YouTube video and monetize it. So your own game-play can be use to make an “original” video for YouTube and be monetized through the YouTube partner program…..

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