Mog Station Is Up And Running

Rumored to actually launch tomorrow, the Mog Station website for FFXIV account management is now up!

Want to manage your account, make your subscription payment, look at Veteran Rewards, and buy some Crysta all in the same place? I know it may not seem like much to players of other subscription MMOs but us FFXIV fans haven’t really had it all that each in the back end account management department.

With multiple sites, shady links, limitations on debit and credit cards that could be used and a slew of other headache inducing hoops to jump through, we’ve had it rough. Hopefully this will all get a little easier as the Mog Station is now up and running. Able to take your software registration codes or manage your subscription, the Mog Station attempts to streamline a lot of the more tedious aspects of FFXIV account management.

Check it out and let me know what you think! The only concern I had (which I wouldn’t even have noticed if JKKennedy wouldn’t have pointed it out, thank you my friend!) is a weird limitation on “Entry” accounts only able to select 30 day billing cycles. Seems a bit odd for those people that want an “Entry” account but would like to pay in advance to get some of the 60 or 90 day Veteran Rewards. Maybe the site functionality will change a bit as it get fully up and running though.