FFXIV Dungeon Guide: The Sunken Temple of Qarn Guide

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*Level 35*

I’ve tried PUGing this multiple times, however a lot of them fail even at the first boss. So I decided to create this, to hopefully help ease the pain of running this dungeon, I’ll explain some of the trickier trash pulls, the puzzle, and the bosses.

There will not be boss names, because I haven’t run it enough times to memorize them. I also apologize for the crude mob names, again I haven’t memorized them. I might update later.
(and I forgot to write them down while doing it)

Before First Boss:


Around the 4th pull you encounter your first Bee, they cast a skill at if you’ve engaged them for too long, I don’t have the exact timer on it. It’s called “Final Sting”, we believe this ability does damage based on the amount of health they are missing. I.E: if you fail to kill the bee while it’s down to 10% health it will most likely one shot your tank, however if it is full health it is survivable. Nevertheless, DPS them down quickly, don’t leave them for last.

The Loot Head:

This pesky little head will most likely show up ~3 times during your dungeon run if you don’t kill it the first time you pull it. If you don’t kill it, it will just run away and you’ll encounter it later. When you DO manage to kill it, it will drop a loot coffer.

Teratotaur (1st boss):

Very tricky boss, especially for unorganized groups. He will cast an unavoidable AoE called Doom, when he is done casting, you are to run to one of the LIT UP switches on the ground. Once you touch the switch it will dispel your debuff. Doom lasts for 10 seconds, and if it reaches 0 you will die instantly.

Hint: A lot of the time a switch will light up WHILE he is casting Doom, and then immediately after he finishes casting it will go dark, and another one will light up. DON’T let this trick you.

The adds he will spawn are the annoying little Bees, they are squishier than the trash pulls, so just have your tank pick them up and DPS them down, don’t let them cast their Final Sting. It will not kill your tank in this fight, but it will bring him damn close, and your healer will hate you.

I recommend having a ranged DPS caster limit break the third set of Bees while they’re sitting on top of the boss.

Before 2nd Boss:

The Switch Heads:

These are larger versions of the first Loot Head you saw. In order for these to die, and stay dead, you have to pull them on top of the switch (similar looking to the ones in Teratotaur’s room) and kill them on it. You will know when you can kill it successfully when the switch is no longer lit up. If you fail to do this, he will keep re spawning over and over again.

Temple Guardian (Rock Dude):

A hard hitter, he will have a Gemstone(core) health bar and a Main health bar. He will remain invulnerable until you DPS down his Gemstone health bar. Once you manage to do this he will become incapacitated and vulnerable to attacks. This will repeat around 3-4 times depending on your group.

Periodically he will run around and smack people into walls, you cannot stop this so just take it like a man, and hope your healer heals you back to full. Other than that he has a few AoE attacks, can be healing intensive at times but isn’t too hard.

If you use your limit break here, make sure your melee DPS does it when the Gemstone IS NOT active.

The Puzzle:

The items you have been picking up around the dungeon will come into effect now. The first two slots will show up not far after the 2nd boss. The one on the left will hold the Helm, right will hold the Gem.
The second time you see the slots, the left one will hold the Flame, right will hold the Fruit.

I do not have an accurate source saying that these coffers hold more than useless white items. But my guess is that they have a rare chance to drop useful gear. So keep trying!

Once you clear the hallway after the last 2 treasure rooms, there are 2 more slots, they hold the Flame and the Fruit again. Once you insert them, click on the middle button to open the door for the last boss.

The Adjudicator:

Another tricky fight; at the beginning of the encounter he will spawn more Switch Heads, I suggest having your melee DPS pull off the boss, and take the heads around to the switches on the floor to kill them. It does not matter which switch they die on, as long as they die. The tank could also do this, but it’s not always necessary.

Once the heads stop spawning he will start throwing a version of his weapon on the floor, these staves will shoot lasers (PEWPEW) in a straight line, random directions. Have your DPS kill these quickly.

After a few of these spawn, he will spawn another version. Around these, there is a black square on the floor, that will eventually spawn 4 walls, creating a room that no one can enter or leave (it’s also LoS from your healer). I suggest having your melee DPS again pull off from the boss and enter the room to kill the staff. If you fail to enter the black area before it casts the wall, or just don’t kill it fast enough, it will cast an AoE damaging spell on your entire party. Not the end of the world, but more work for your healer. If you don’t have melee DPS a caster could do it as well, but more convenient for melee.

The boss himself also has a frontal cone AoE that does about 600 damage if you’re caught in it, called “Darkness.” He will also periodically cast the spell “Paralyze,” and will occasionally stop your movement and casting ability for approximately 1 second. His third spell, called “Creeping Darkness,” is a faster cast than Darkness and is an AoE that hits the ENTIRE party. It can be interrupted but is extremely challenging to do so as the cast time is 1 – 1.5 seconds.

Once the boss gets low enough he will spawn the pewpew laser staves like crazy. It’s going to be like a rave in the boss room, but make sure you’re still DPSing down the staves or you’ll have too many to dodge and end up dying. Be quick on your feet during this phase.

Use your double limit break when it pops, doesn’t matter when, but preferably in between light shows.


Edit 1: Changed Bee mechanic, Added boss names, Added more specific mechanics to The Adjudicator



  1. On the first boss, after the first aoe doom, you can start to avoid doom by getting on the glowing plate before he casts. But it helps to check because most of the time my parties would not reach, being ranged dps I would just stand on it already and not have to run to another one.

  2. On the second mini Boss Temple guardian, He CAN be tanked properly but it requires the patience of your party. The tank has to solo the gollem for a few seconds to raise Hate. And hate CANNOT be raised by normal means (Flash/Provoke) you have to gain hate with normal attacks.

    Also his hate resets after every time you break his Soulstone so you have to rinse and repeat that method. I guarentee this works. And he’ll go down within minutes

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