Yoshi-P Spills Patch 2.1: A Realm Awoken Details

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Having just talked about many of the Crystal Tower details on XIV Reborn, it’s awesome to see even more Patch 2.1 details today!

Famitsu scored an interview with FFXIV Director/Producer Yoshi-P and boy oh boy did he drop a lot of patch 2.1 details. Officially bearing the title “A Realm Awoken,” patch 2.1 is set to release on December 17th and the massive amounts of content have been the subject of MANY articles here on XIV Nation and a few episodes of XIV Reborn.

If you aren’t all that familiar with the items included in this update, you may want to read our Live Letter X wrap up for a better understanding of some of the patch 2.1 details discussed in the interview.

Obviously, I don’t speak Japanese so, as always, a huge shout out goes to gamer/translator Reinheart for tweeting out the bullet points of the interview all day.

Let’s look at the high points!

FFXIV General Items

  • Final Fantasy XIV will be coming to Steam
  • After the expansion, there will be a dungeon that is harder than the Binding Coil of Bahamut.
  • The previously stated cap raise for Allagan Tomestones of Mythology to 450 is not set in stone, it could be raised or lowered.
  • Regarding the Fan Fest World Tour- Europe will see one event as the schedule is too tight to have an event in each country.

I can’t WAIT to go to Fan Fest next year!

Class and Ability Changes

  • After a bug fix, jobs that couldn’t compete in the DPS department will be more comparable to Black Mage DPS.
  • A Bard skill is moving to another advanced job.
  • Summoner’s Bane will be adjusted in 2.1.

All of these changes were pretty well known already but obviously details are still missing. It is interesting that the Bard skill is going to someone else rather than just being taken away from Bards.


Primals Old and New Updates

  • Extreme Primal fights allow one reward per week. You must defeat all three Primals for this.
  • Aside from an ilvl 90 weapon, Extreme Mode primal chests will contain accessories.
  • Good King Moogle Mog difficulty is between that of Garuda and Titan. There are speech bubbles that pop up during the fight that are fun to read. If you’re having a hard time with Hard Mode Titan, this fight is for you!
  • Ultima Weapon Hard Mode will have a story that involves the Wandering Minstrel. The requirements are light, so people can jump into it quickly. (WRITER’S NOTE: Obviously, not technically a primal but it makes sense to list this item here rather than by itself elsewhere.)
  • Before 2.2, they would like to do a Titan and Ultima HM battle challenge. Prior to 2.3 they would like to do Leviathan HM and Ultima Weapon EM. (At live events)

Housing Items

  • After placing a furniture item in your house it becomes unable to be sold on the market.
  • Cost of housing is still undecided- the team is looking at the economy to decide carefully.

Dungeon Updates

  • Hard mode dungeons will have a different feel and effects like fog so that players will know immediately when entering that it will be challenging.
  • Every patch will have two hard modes of existing dungeons in addition to one new dungeon.
  • EXP in dungeons will increase by 150%. On top of that, combined with the roulette and rest bonuses, players will see three times the amount of EXP from dungeons than they currently do.
  • Sirius Pharos will be the hardest 4-man dungeon.


Patch 2.1 Details and The Crystal Tower

  • Treasure Hunt system- DoL can find maps that DoW/DoM can use to open chests that spawn monsters. It can be soloed, however higher levels will require a party to be successful.
  • Beastmen Dailies- 2.1 will have quests with two of the beastmen tribes, more will be added later.
  • Players will be able to rank up to 30 in PvP in patch 2.1.
  • Crystal Tower loot restriction is one item per week. Once an item is obtained, you have to wait for a reset before you are able to obtain more.

I can’t lie, that Crystal Tower loot lock is kind of disappointing. As I said on XIV Reborn, I knew the one week was a popular thought, but I seriously believed it wouldn’t be that long given that the most difficult content doesn’t require you to even step foot into the tower. What do you think though?

Patch 2.2 Thoughts

  • Patch 2.2 will have around 1.5x the amount of storyline as 2.1.
  • Patch 2.2 will include the fight against Leviathan as well as its extreme mode version.

Are you pumped yet? What concerns do you still have? Sound off below!


  1. “Every patch will have two hard modes of existing dungeons in addition to one new dungeon.”

    I think that’s a decent pace, I know for WoW loads of people bemoaned the lack of 5mans in MoP patches, so for those who don’t raid, constant new dungeons is a good thing.

    “After the expansion, there will be a dungeon that is harder than the Binding Coil of Bahamut”

    Is “expansion” the right translation? Or is that supposed to be “patch?” Or are Crystal Tower and Coil the only 2 raids before the expansion?

    “Crystal Tower loot restriction is one item per week. Once an item is obtained, you have to wait for a reset before you are able to obtain more.”

    Wait, one item per WEEK? So not one chance of loot per boss, but one item TOTAL a week? Man, that’s kinda lame.

    • CT and BCoB are the two raid until expansion. Each patch adds content to one of those two (i.e. 2.2 adds more to Coil, 2.3 adds more to Crystal Tower, etc)

      • Hmm, haven’t stepped in either yet so my question is, how varied are the environments? It may seem minor, but I dunno, I like how other games offer up new instances that are thematically and visually different. It changes things up a bit, so you’re not just stuck in the same building/zone for a year or two.

  2. A lot of awesome news, can’t wait for the patch. Only issue I have is with the loot limit in CT.

    I hope it wasn’t translated properly and it’s 1 loot per boss per week because if it’s 1 loot per week period I don’t get it. It’s ilvl 80 so for your main job it’s either for vanity or a step to the ilvl 90 from myth tomes and soon to be ilvl 95 allagan wich will be easier to get with the new tome cap so chances are you’ll replace them pretty fast or get them for alt jobs. They make a system so you can have all jobs on 1 character but they make it so hard to gear them up more than ilvl70.

    I also see a lot of people getting loot and just leaving. Since the requirement to do this is just be 50 with your starting af gear and you can’t queue up a 24 man with your FC most people will go there solo on DF or if you’re in a 8man the other 16 will probably be randoms, that means it will usually take close to the 2 hour limit the tower has.
    Unless the tome rewards are that good and gives you a reason to stay till the end, kinda doubt it though since most people can do at least 5 WPs in 2 hours. Or maybe the new penalties for leaving DF are that harsh, also doubt it.

    Patch is in a few days so we’ll see how it goes I guess.

  3. So what if a piece of loot drops that no one needs and everyone just ends up greeding on it. Is the winner then unable to obtain something from later on in the dungeon that he may need? Will we just see everyone passing on alternate class loot if they are going to get loot locked out of things they may need?

  4. For everyone that is complaining about the loot, you realize square is handing you a free piece of Ilvl 80 every week correct? Two pieces would be too EZmode.

    • Been playing mmorpgs for over 10 years, can’t say I’ve seen a raid that limits you to 1 loot per week or one that doesn’t let you enter as a full premade.

      We’ll see how it is, either way ilvl 80 is nothing special if you concider how easy it will be to get full ilvl90-95 with the new myth cap and the new accessory drops and weapons from primals. 5 weeks per job of raiding with strangers just to get a ilvl 80 look, meh : /

      • My character will have full ilvl 90 before patch 2.1 comes out, if you’re running coils turns 1-5 or even 1-4 on a weekly basis then crystal tower is not something you should be worried about as a raider.

        Crystal tower is mainly designed for those who haven’t entered coils yet and want to or can’t find the time to raid on schedule and want to gear up their character on a steady basis. In addition, it will make gearing up alt jobs for coils easier so you can use different raid compositions.

        If they limited coils to 1 loot piece a week It’d be a different story because that is a legit raid (and a very very well designed one I might add), but this is duty finder and pretty easy content yoshida said it will be “Equivalent to turn 1 of coil in difficulty”.

  5. ” Crystal Tower loot restriction is one item per week. Once an item is obtained, you have to wait for a reset before you are able to obtain more. ”

    I think squeenix is thinking with their wallets, that’s what I’m thinking. >.<"

    What if i obtain a ring in CT, then that same run my chest drops, do i get screw'd? … ok. lol. I already know the answer. Just think it's dumb. xD

  6. Wow………1 item per week………….so getting a group for that crap fest is going to be a pain. Once you get your 1 item why the hell would you even stay in the group, “oh I got my loot and this is going poorly I’m gonna leave” Yay………NOT. Maybe only allowing you to need win on one thing would make sense but just “only 1 item per week” which means running coils is still a better option for gearing up alts if your group can clear turn 4 “WOOO”……..

    Did somebody forget to mention to SE that the lack of reason to play has killed the game mid week? Because honestly somebody should mention that to them and explain that artificially capping “hardcore” players at every turn is what killed the game the first time(the exp caps in the original release drove people away in droves) and doing it now will only cause the game to bleed subs.

  7. Wow, not that I already have a hard time deciding where to toss my myth points with my 4 Jobs, but now I can only get one item per week from Crytsal Tower? Whats the sense of having multiple jobs on one character then? I should have made 4 Chracters instead… I hoped to equip some jobs with Crystal Tower Gear and having a easier time deciding what gets Myth gear but this is a pretty lame decision. :< I am really disappointed.

  8. Honestly don’t mind the 1 week lock out for loot, but for those of us with different classes. PLD/WHM/DRG It would be awesome if it was one loot lockout per class with a restriction of 2-4 classes only instead of all of them.

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